By Elena Blake

Wolf’s Forbidden Curse

Paranormal Romance (Silverleaf Wolves Series)

A new town, a hidden pack of werewolves, and a past that won’t stay buried.

I arrive in Solara Bay with nothing but a few dollars and a dark past I’m desperate to leave behind. My only chance at a fresh start comes from the kindness of Al, a bar owner who gives me a job and a place to stay.

But peace is elusive. This beach town harbors a pack of werewolves, and I soon find myself entangled in their world.


Elena Blake

Elena Blake is not just an author; she’s a conjurer of dark secrets, a weaver of forbidden romances, and a whisperer to the otherworldly. With a pen that dances between the lines of reality and fantasy, Elena has a passion for bringing stories to life. When she’s not breathing life into her bewitching characters, Elena is likely to be found in her cozy study, sipping on a cup of coffee, her chihuahua snuggled on her lap, and brainstorming her next enchanting tale. Elena believes in the magic of storytelling and the power of love to transcend even the darkest of shadows. With each book, she invites her readers to escape into worlds where the impossible becomes possible, and where love is the most powerful magic of all.



Spell Weaver’s Embrace

He’s literally a billionaire brat, and I’m a fiery witch.
We should be hating each other, not falling in love…

Witch Hunter’s Mate

He’s an alpha hunter, determined to make me his mate, but he doesn’t know I’m a witch with wild magic that can never be tamed.

Witch’s Fated Mate

Since meeting an irresistible alpha wolf shifter, I’ve been told that I’ll somehow supposedly do the following things…

Witch’s One Night Stand

It was supposed to be one night of passion to let off some steam and celebrate finishing my magic studies abroad.


WOW! I genuinely loved reading this book. It was easy to feel each character as they went through their journeys and the emotional hurdles they had to make.

– Amazon Review


This story is such a page turner. I was on the edge of my seat the whole book. There is passion, there is mystery, there is love, what else could you ask for?! So good, wish there was more to read.

– Amazon review


I thought this was an exciting read. Plenty of heat if you’re looking for that! I have not read any of this author’s prior work before but that error will be remedied! 

– Amazon Review

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